Vintage Toys

They have marked our childhood and even if they disappear from our lives, it’s always a pleasure to see them back. The vintage toys of yesterday have a little taste of childhood regressive perfectly!

Pooshie, Merlin, Simon: some have sunk, perhaps forever. Video games are those who have paid the largest tribe, the speed of development of the technology leaving them little chance.

Others, after a long quarantine attempt a comeback. Sometimes it works, sometimes not.

The last have never ceased to be present under trees and in smaller and less small Christmas gifts.

Rare are those who have not changed one inch of these survivors.

Vintage Toys

Most have evolved, matured, or even won a certain maturity.The Risk, Mr. potato head, my little pony but still good pay or the 4 power are those.

Today’s parents, nostalgic, like to find these toys that have rocked their childhood and often offer their children maybe to relive the joys they have even experienced vicariously.

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And you then, you were playing what when you were little?