Vintage Toy Baby Shower Decor Ideas Realized and More

As promised, today I will show you the details of the CháDoLucca decoration.

From the beginning, I was charmed by a party that I saw HERE with the theme “Ancient Toys” and since then I knew this would be the theme and inspiration of my dinner. I thought about hiring a decorator, but as my budget was tight due to the trip and the apartment, I decided to do it all myself, and I think, in the end, it turned out to be a big surprise.

Not to be all too blue, mixed also some green and yellow decoration and, as the topic was antique toys, I had a greater ease in finding decorations at home or else they were more affordable since  everything was allowed. I used some decorations that had already bought for the baby‘s room, as the Bear Prince, the smaller bears the letters in LUCCA cube that are part of that picture I bought at the fair of the baby and the pregnant woman. I ended up buying this carousel that plays music and everything else specifically to be used in parties, but I like it so much that I think I will end up using his closet too! That I bought for 32 dollars in a shop here in old town and had in various colors, including pink for the girls!

In addition, I bought the marbles (which were pretty cheap) and the airplane and the wooden stand that, luckily, were on sale.

The cake is actually just the model and was made by a friend of mine. She made the model with styrofoam and fondant and I cut and put together the little felt that were pasted with hot glue. If I had bought the cake, it would cost my 300, but as my friend is super handy in the kitchen, she volunteered to do the cake. In fact,  she made it in the cup, to serve at the end for the guests and it was good, and it saved a lot of money in this game!

In the panel, Juh (Yes, our old blogger!) made the little clouds of felt for me, and the glue on the ceiling with a thin nylon so that they would be suspended and as for the “Lucca”, my husband did the art on the computer, and I paid the printing, which actually came free, because I had ordered the pinwheels from the same person then I just had to make the tail even.

The support pieces are all personal collection or collection of friends! Amir is simply crazy about holidays and has an arsenal at home that helped me so much! Brigade is for everything Polli.

I bought the flowers at the last minute at the Itapuã. I got there on Saturday at 9:40 in the morning,when there was almost nothing, so I had to content myself with daisies and Egyptian and was 10 dollars each arrangement, can you believe it?! Very cheap, right?! I bought the flowers on Saturday and rode the arrangement on Saturday and they lasted until Sunday great, but there at the fair, I found that I can order the arrangement ready with Mrs. Neuza a week for the other which facilitates way, apart from being much nicer!

The candy I ordered almost everything, apart from the decorated cookies were made by Juh and chopsticks of marshmallows that were made by another friend of mine.

In the guests’ tables, I made two little bottles. In one, I put coarse salt and an artificial plant that I don’t know the name but it was very cheap, and confetti the bottle with a bow of ribbon and button. In another, we use a technique that my mom found a Instagram of life, we put water with aniline in the bottle and fill with a row of cotton and a glitter, a cotton and a glitter and so on. It costs a little, but the result is so beautiful! Looks like a sky so cute! For the pinwheels, we did the art under the name of Lucca and the color of the party and sent for printing, it already came fully assembled, I just had to paste on a stick of barbecue and put in the bottle. I bought some toy buttons and spread by the bureau around the bottles to make a charm, and the napkins you already know for a long time. I even taught her how to make napkin rings.

I did a little corner for the “table of souvenirs”. On the panel, I did a “L” with pinwheels of cardboard in two shades of blue. I spent only a cardboard of each color and made the pinwheels of 10 cm x 10 cm. Of souvenir, I got pencils personalized with his name that made the greatest success, these I ordered over the internet. In addition, I still got the well born and chopsticks of marshmallows, which were in two wooden crates (equal sizes) that were painted by my father-in-law.

The platelets in the photos are made as greatest success! The one who did the art was the boyfriend of a friend of mine (Thanks Chicoo! lol) and I just had to cut and paste on the straws of BBQ that I wrapped in blue ribbons, green, yellow and white. I put some platelets in a glass with shuttlecocks to give an “air” oldest and still on the table, I had a handsome book that attracted an aunt, for the guests to leave a message for the baby Lucca.

The games were made by Polli, and it was super fun! Poor Daniel arrived right on time and was placed inside the circle with me!
In the end, my powerful mammy read a text that she wrote to me and, of course, made me fall into tears of emotion.

Wanted to give a big thanks to all who helped me to realize that dream. As you might realize, there were several sleepless nights going to bed at 3 in the morning with mom and Daniel helping me cut and paste every detail, but also received so much support from my friends, so I can only thank you , because I know that without you I would not have been able to do everything as pictured, so…

Thank you!

Well girls, I guess I could sum it all up!

If I have forgotten any detail or you have any questions, just leave it in the comments and I will answer everything.

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I do.