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Christmas is coming and it is at this time that children start asking for the favorite toys for Santa Claus to bring, but it is not always possible, since toys are very expensive and stores need to be made easier for parents to buy the gift of your children.Why do you know that children are synonymous with toys and if at Christmas they do not win a toy they will be sulky and disappointed, but do not be sad because makes available to you every line of toys and ways of payments that fit in your pocket.Do not let the kids go sad this Christmas, visit the American’s and make your choice.

Suitable toys

When it comes to buying toys it is advisable that you do a research of which toy is suitable for each age, as giving a toy with loose and small parts for a child up to 3 years of age is very dangerous as they can put in the mouth and swallowing the pecks or even at worst she might choke.Each toy has on the back of its packaging the ideal age that it adapts without risking the health of children.If you are careful you will certainly know how to choose the right toy and make the child happy.Nowadays there are thousands of electronic toys that are the sales champion on the market, the more moves and noises they make the more children like.It is up to the parents to determine what kind of toys they will buy for their children, provided they are of the corresponding age.

Check out some tips for children’s toys that you find at

  • Car with Control – seven functions

Super Rally

From R $ 59,90 to R $ 34,90

Or 3 x of $ 11.63

  • Cute Baby Alive Doll

Surprise – Hasbro

From R $ 349.90 to R $ 278.00

Or in 12 x of R $ 23,17

  • Motorway with 1004cm

Big RaceRoad

From R $ 359,90 for R $ 249,90

Or in 12 x of R $ 20,82

  • Street Speeder

Exclusive Blue

From R $ 79,90 to R $ 59,90

Or 5 x of $ 11.98

With these toy tips and more that you find at, it is easier to choose the right gift for your child. Run, do not waste any more time before you leave, make your purchases with ease and security.