Toys for Nursery Tips

Day care centers, besides being the places where working mothers leave their children to be cared for hygienically and affectionately, are the places where children begin their pre-school learning.

The phase up to 3 years is very important for the social, creative and educational development of the child.If this stage is well developed, the child will give good answers when he/she is in elementary school, learning to read, write and do more quickly.

However, this is the stage where the little ones should have fun, make new friends, socializing with other children their age.Therefore, day-care centers should be equipped with toys.Such toys, besides being fun, should be educational, pedagogic and playful.Thus, the child will learn by joking.

Daycare toys should stimulate the imagination of the child who, creatively, can deal with any kind of problem that may appear in the future, even to solve math problems.Daycare toys should also work with the motor coordination of the little ones.If they have good motor coordination, it will be easier to learn how to write and make neat designs.

For you that will set up a nursery, we will give some tips of toys for day care.

– Riding and disassembling toys:these toys are essential in a nursery.With them, the child has notion of space and works on their motor coordination.Toys can be made of plastic or wood.However, be aware of the age transcribed in the packaging of the toys, as they should not contain very small pieces that can be swallowed by some baby.

– Puzzle:The function of the puzzle is to develop the child’s motor coordination and memory. She will fit the pieces through attempts, thus working, the motor coordination. To know where each piece goes, it must memorize the drawing to be formed, usually found on the cover of the puzzle.

– Labyrinth:this toy also helps to develop the motor coordination of the little ones. With it, they learn to make several types of traits, very important in the literacy stage.

– Puppets:telling stories to children is a great way to get their attention and develop their creativity. However, sometimes this role can be reversed: instead of the teacher telling the stories, let the children tell their stories. In addition to socializing, they will become more creative and uninhibited.

– Domino of Association of Geometric Forms:for children to learn the geometric forms, this domino is perfect. Their designs are simplified and easily understood by the little ones.

– Hearing and Language:this toy was especially developed for children with speech and language disorders. With it, the child’s auditory perception is stimulated, improving his speech and language. It accompanies a CD and a book with several suggestions of work.

– Toy:what can not be missing for the children are the toys that make them move.Therefore, it is imperative that the nursery has a good external space.Thus, this toy can be installed safely.In addition to making the children move, this toy works with the memory and the motor coordination of the little ones, because they have to know where to go and how to go through the various obstacles.It’s guaranteed fun for the whole gang.

The role of daycare toys is to educate children by preparing them for the literacy phase.So always look for toys that are educational and educational.