Toys For 2-Year-Old Children

There are many types of children ‘s toys. Following several types of recommendations, not only pedagogical but also safety, most toys are divided according to the age group for which they are most recommended. Small toys or small pieces that can come off easily are never recommended for younger children because of the risk they pose, since these children often put things in their mouths and may end up choking on these toys. That is why it is important to always be aware of the age group recommendations on the packaging of toys and pay close attention to their compositions, materials and parts. If a manufacturer has indicated a certain toy for the age of your child but you know he may end up getting hurt, do not buy the toy. Just like you should only buy the toys that have the guarantee of quality of the national institutions responsible for this, such as INMETRO (National Institute of Metrology, Standardization and Industrial Quality).

The toys, for the most part, have a pedagogical function, as well as serve to distract and entertain the children, helping in the development of several factors. Toys with different sounds, colors and sizes promote the learning of these elements, without having to school this stage of life. Plug-in toys, balls and rattles can help the development of motor coordination, as well as special books for the handling of children (such as plastic bath books or cardboard paper, which do not easily tear). the interest and the taste for reading, the children can learn the movements necessary to turn the pages and to have concentration when observing the figures and trying to mount the stories presented. It is interesting to note that, especially among the youngest, play should not only serve to keep the child occupied but also to stimulate the development of various skills that will be necessary for a lifetime.

From the age of two, children are better able to understand many things, such as the difference between right and wrong, and they need encouragement to understand better and adopt the right attitudes. Speech should always be stimulated, the child learns to speak because we talk with her, elaborating several attempts and observing which ones are right and which are wrong, correcting one’s speech. There are many changes in the child and his interests: he enters the stage of speaking not all the time, begins to select who can play in his toys, choose his own clothes … all this is part of development and needs to have appropriate reactions of adults to encourage the most correct postures, helping in the formation of his character.

The toys chosen for children should consider this stage of development, as well as being of lightweight, non-toxic materials with large parts and rounded edges. The vivid colors and sounds attract attention. There is also a greater possibility of toys for two children if she has company, since it is a phase of greater socialization and she can begin to learn how to play with the other. Logic blocks and pieces in geometric shapes with different textures for small ‘constructions’ are toys very indicated at this age. Remember to always be aware of your child’s play, to help them perform certain tasks encourages development and makes the child happier to have their presence.