Toy Box with Biometric Security

If the title has left you K.O. don’t worry, no you have the wrong site, this is still babies and more, it’s just that today we are going to devote an entry to all those dads and moms who believe that having studied a science career should serve for something rather than spending a few hours at work.

That must have been thinking Grant Gibson, a Scottish developer that after watching the announcement of the new Iphone 5S with his fingerprint sensor decided to apply the same idea to something that could be used by his son Ewan four-year-old. And what came up was to make you one toy with biometric security box for his collection of toys.

Yes, you read it right, it has built him a box that opens only when you put your finger on the fingerprint reader. As you can see, your striving to build the Eiffel Tower with the pieces of Lego and the Scottish it goes and makes him a Briefcase that can make shadow to the nuclear briefcase for Obama.

Ewan, which like all four-year-old boy, is more to see which of their cars go faster down the Hall that is why calling the largest engineering is amazed with his “magic finger” and acquired new powers (hopefully not having another Darth Vader at home)

You can find detailed instructions for mounting this box on your blog if you fancy them to do something like or prefer to mount the same in all the drawers in the House to keep away those small hands able to empty the drawer of flatware in what you take back from the terrace.

I also leave the video that have made of all this

Because it can be very rewarding and fun to be able to apply our knowledge to improve the lives of our children. Do you fancy them to do a toy with biometric security box and give it to your son for Christmas?