This Year’s Toy 2012 – Monster High

It’s a little weird to write about this year’s toy… It has been now for 2012, and the winner is Monster High, a toy that ABC Toys do not have in our range and we don’t have any plans to bring in.

When I first saw that Monster High had been selected, then I have to admit that I rolled her eyes. These dolls are not just a new version of Barbie … or Bratz? Maybe … but then I read on to the jury. They wrote this:

“A product that raised the age for girls who play considerably in the last few years tended to leave the play earlier and earlier.”

This is really something that I know of, something that is important. In all leksaksbranchen, it is a lot of discussion about age and how toys disappear from a child’s life at younger and younger ages. There are iPad apps now for babies, computer games for 2 year olds … and top on most children’s wish list is a computer, a Tablet and/or a cell phone, with apps and games, of course.

We are not “against” screens, but instead we are “for” play, free play, imaginative play, and what-that-time play. Each time a toy gets new “features” thanks to batteries or “chips” as some of the child’s ability to determine, fantasiera, solve problems, create stories, mm. There will be no game anymore.

When I was a child, it was Mr. Rogers Neighborhood is a popular children’s program. It was a long time ago, but we agree with Mr. Rogers-

“We often talk about the play as if it were a relief from important learning. But the play’s essential learning for children. Play is the most important work of childhood. ”

So play with your children, have fun and encourage imagination, creativity and … play. Use anything to encourage the play – including purple and green dress ups with high-heeled shoes. (Or check out the ABC Toys for several suggestions!)