The Most Stimulating Toys for Every Age

Toys are essential to accompany the development of children since they are very small. In addition to entertain them, children learn through them.

But not all toys are suitable for all ages, but each stage of child development requires certain toys to serve as a tool to encourage them in the best way, those who contribute to the integral development of the child, both cognitive and emotional.

At each stage of their development, children have the capacity and skills to receive and take good advantage of the stimuli that surround them. For this reason, offer them one toy that another is not the same and is very important to buy them the most suitable according to their age.

● 0-6 months: they begin to discover the world through the senses. Therefore we must provide them with toys to capture your attention through touch, sight and hearing as a mobile cradle, lamps with lights and shapes in motion, rattles of bright colors, musical chimes, toy mirrors, gym activities, throws of activities, toys to install in the cradle (such as the piano kicks), cuddly to tighten, biting and sucking toys , books soft, teethers, toys that emit sounds and melodies and toys with textures.

● From 6 to 12 months: the baby begins to stay seated and at this stage most likely start crawling and standing. Most stimulating toys for this age are the soft building blocks of different sizes, toys with buttons to tighten, sound and movement, buckets and rings for stacking, toys of simple, fit balls, resistant books, plush toys, soft dolls and bath toys.

● 12 to 18 months: at this stage the baby begins to walk, so the most suitable are toys that can enhance their motor ability as the Walker, walkers and drag toys. For the drive fine, toys as shovel, rake, thick leaves, toys to fit ones inside others and chained, to paint first waxes and aquatic books.

● 18 to 24 months: the child says his first words and toys that stimulate more you are tales, simple puzzles, dolls and strollers, rocker arms, tricycles without pedals, puppets and figures which can introduce them to symbolic play as well as a stuffed animal or character that becomes the first mascot of the baby.

2 to 3 years: they begin to develop the sense of balance and improve manual dexterity, that the most suitable are the constructions of plastic or wood, clay, puzzles, paintings and musical instruments. They begin to be interested by the toys that mimic everyday situations, like the kitchenettes, the munecos-bebes, toys representing crafts, etc..

● 3 to 5 years: It is the age of the imagination to power, so all the toys that mimic everyday objects allow them to develop symbolic play. Story books, costumes, tents, more complex constructions, games of Assembly, train, puppet theatres as well as the first games of table, cranes, shops, houses, garages, etc, and of course, bicycle and sport toys.

● 5 to 7 years: the most exciting toys are those that involve movement such as skates, scooters, stilts, hula hoops, rope jumping, as well as those involving logic such as Board games, games memory card, computer and experiments. Also balls and beads for flush mounting, lace, mosaics, games for mold, make soaps, perfumes, etc..

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