The Most Radical Toys in the World

Fire Whip, Beto Carrero

Fire Whip is an inverted roller coaster present in the Beto Carrero World park, and, Penha, Santa Catarina.The mountain is 700 meters long, 40 meters high and reaches a speed of 100 km / h.

The mountain still has two trains with ten wagons each, plus two columns for two passangers and was the first large roller coaster to be built in Brazil. This same mountain can also be found in Suzuka Circuit Park, Japan, where it was named Blackout.

Roller Coaster Takabisha, Fuji-Q Highland

The world’s steepest roller coaster was launched this July in Japan by the famous Fuji-Q Highland Park.The mountain called “Takabisha”, has a fall of 43 meters in height, at 121 degrees of inclination.The Japanese roller coaster is so radical that it has come to the Guinness Book, as the steepest mountain in the world.

Some of the world’s most radical toys are located in Las Vegas, on top of a panoramic tower that is more than 300 meters high.The Stratosphere Casino Hotel is located in the magical city of Las Vegas and has four radical attractions.

Toys would be normal, if not for the time they are installed.The four toys are located on top of a panoramic tower that has exactly 350 meters, which is equivalent to a building of 110 floors!

Big Shot, Stratosphere Casino Hotel

The Big Shot is an elevator, like the one we find here in Brazil, in the Hopi Hari, that goes up to the limit and after that with full speed.The toy that by itself already brings much emotion, gains an extra spirit by being on top of a gigantic tower, what makes the force gravitational up to four times but strong for the brave ones that adventure in the toy.

X- Scream, Stratosphere Hotel Casino

The toy resembles a roller coaster mixed with a seesaw.When he is turned on, he begins to traverse a rough road that soon gives the impression that he had fallen on the city when it suddenly stops.

Insanity, Stratosphere Hotel Casino

The toy opened in 2005, and is the second highest attraction in the world.In Insanity, people enter a toy that resembles an orbiter, the difference is that the chairs begin to spin next to the building, on top of the city, at an incredible height, in addition to spinning the toy opens its claws at an angle of 70 °!

Sky Jump, Stratosphere Hotel Casino ere

The last toy positioned on top of the tower is a kind of bung jump.In this attraction, the brave are thrown from the tower in free fall and when they are almost reaching the ground are stopped by a decelerating cable that makes the landing comfortable and calm.This toy came to join the Guinness Book, as the largest in fall-free.