The Most Entertaining Magazines of The Time: Toy Catalogs

If during these dates there are certain journals that are circulating through mailboxes and doors of the shopping centers, becoming ubiquitous, they are Toys catalogues: the most entertaining magazines of the time.

My daughters, three and a year, enjoy browsing these catalogues. Still do not know the true purpose of the same and are not dedicated to ask for toys, but enjoy with each page. That Yes, most already says that you love this or that doll…

Kids toys catalogues pages should be a whole box of surprises, a colorful sign of the plethora of games and toys that exist, many of which have not seen nor in television. A magical world of illusion and possibilities that dream of nothing but seeing it on paper.

In addition, many of the leaves are dedicated to their favorite characters, so it is a different way to see Dora the Explorer, Mickey Mouse or Bob Esponja, converted into digital cameras, cushions, water slides… There is nothing that escapes to the marketing of these characters!

A trick that catalogs last beyond Christmas and not ending up wrecked in the recycling bin.

Well, eventually also wrecked, but we can “Save” many games or dolls of their favorite characters and make a mural with a small collage of cuts that we are sure they will be happy to review throughout the year. Do we make the most out of toy catalogs?

A good way to leave the “books” within the reach of children, without fear to break, and the best way to spend dead any waiting time: catalogs of toys are the most entertaining magazines of the time. Although that itself, at the risk of that one “on request” all…