The Most Appropriate Toys By Age: 3 To 6 Years

As you move in the post about toys suitable for children from 0 to 3 years, we will continue the series of articles, now approaching the age group ranging from 3 to 6 years. The fundamental keys of this stage are:

The Most Appropriate Toys By Age 3 To 6 Years

  • At this time the children acquire an greater autonomy and are more self-sufficient. In addition, school, Park, neighbors, co-workers begin to play an important role, since they will be their new playmates; until now were parents or siblings who had in many cases this paper. It will begin to form and develop the way in how they relate to outside the family, it will begin his social life, to put it in some way.
  • This new relationship with peers will be to develop their communication skills, empathy and will learn to abide by certain rules and regulations, to win, to lose and to cope with the feelings that this entails.
  • It is a stage of experimentation, with themselves and with the environment.

In this age group begin the symbolic games, i.e. games that will mimic situations, personalities or professions. I remember an article in which we discussed long and hard about what is and what is the contribution to the children. They are of vital importance for their cognitive development and their thinking.

At this stage the ideal games are:

  • Screws that allow them to improve their memory, for example, games of chance or simple board games, constructions or perform choreographies. They have fun while they motivate them.
  • Games with which to acquire a greater body control (psychomotor activities): sports in general, is a very good time to start cycling for example, first with stabilizers until they begin to feel safe and have stability to handle it without support. Dance, or aiming games which also have to tune the shot and improve your skill. In addition, the games that help them differentiate between left and right and the use of both hemispheres.
  • Games model, such as the play dough or clay. They will develop the muscles of the hands and improve coordination viso-motora , or what is the same, that connects the hand with the eye.
  • Those who make them pay attention to what they are doing, such as building games. I remember a post in which we detallábamos the benefits of this type of games.
  • Those who develop their imagination. For this, we return to appoint to the symbolic, important games in this age. Love them other activities such as making plays , draw or imagine that they are superheroes or Princesses. It is a stage which will enjoy very much disguising himself or with the face painting. Here you will find some good ideas to make a hilarious face painting.
  • Games to stimulate language and writing. At this stage, they will begin to read and write, for why those activities that help them to increase their vocabulary and that closer them to the world of reading in a dynamic and entertaining way. The Tales, slates and games together lyrics are perfect for that.
  • Which help them to understand the habits of the order and the care of things. To this end, families play a fundamental role. At this time must get used to collaborating in the tasks of the home gradually and always assigning tasks according to each age. In this article, you had some keys.
  • Activities that set concepts, learn colors, textures, shapes, volumes, and which may involve your senses (taste, smell, touch, sight, hearing). For example, they’ll love the kitchen. You can start to Cook with them simple recipes, like which I proposed in this previous post.
  • Games that allow them to orient themselves and knowing at what time of day are, hours, if it is late or early.
  • Simple mathematical operations, We can teach addition and subtraction basic facts with fruits or objects.
  • Food and hygiene habits.

It is a crucial time in which are eager to learn and have a lot of curiosity for things that surround them. The fantasy has enormous power in them and is very important to empower it to develop their imagination and creativity. Thus require of us that we stimulate them all as possible for who physically, mentally and socially grow and reach their full potential.