The Kaleidoscope, a Wonderful Toy

There are toys which arouse fascination and are a joy to the senses – in this case, for the view-: infinite amalgam of bright colors and lovely shapes which gives us the Kaleidoscope is a promise of happiness.

The Kaleidoscope (Kaleidoscope) is an optical device: consists of an opaque tube within which several mirrors and multicolored crystals are capable of generating a composite image that, when you turn the device on himself, throws a multitude of beautiful geometric figures. The figure of mandala displayed is almost impossible to repeat, because rotating the Kaleidoscope disappears to make room for a new, equally beautiful figure.

There are constructed of different materials: the classics of cane or cartapesta, the rustic carved wood, the most sophisticated bronze with embedded stones, painted, engraved, to modelled from clay plates!

Although it may seem a paradox, the Kaleidoscope is considered a traditional toy and is hard to find in toy stores: talented craftsmen are dedicated nowadays to keep it alive, to the delight of the kids, and why not, also of the largest.