The Irresistible Attraction of The Toilet Water

In the same way that in the park there are hypnotic elements for our children, at home are discovering that the most unexpected turns into a fun hang out way. As water from the toilet, which exerts an irresistible attraction for children.

If we didn’t have a habit of closing the lid of the toilet, probably with the arrival of the children to the end this habit he has imposed. And though this new habit has reconciled many couples desavenidas by the typical arguments why leave the lid open, not too serves to prevent our children end up putting hands in the water of the toilet or bathing in it to your favorite doll.

And it is there many variants to convert the water from the toilet in a game. Course, splashing and sloshing into infinity, wash your hands, put the clothes as if the washer, bathing the dolls… as to forget you ever pull the chain!

Also, as already told us Armando at the unofficial guide to toys, the brush is one of the favorite objects of the kids and they can use it to give luster to the toilet very clean to be and then distribute the water in the surrounding area, by scrubbing or “cleaning up” the walls. Bravo for the tiled bathrooms!

When children begin to have some autonomy to move house, just wanting to discover and experience, imitate their elders… in his own way. Or so we closed the doors of bathrooms or hard to avoid that end up playing with the toilet water at one or another time.

Surely, there will be some gimmick to ensure the cover and that children can not open it but at the moment let’s controlling these raids more or less on time… a second solo!

We remind you that if as a graphic document of your children enjoying the irresistible attraction of the toilet water or any other mischief, you can contact us via the e-mail address and send one or more photos of the time to appear on “The last dirty trick of my child”.