The Importance of Sound Toys

Since the baby is inside of her mother, approximately from the 14 week, begins to listen to all kinds of sounds that trigger different stimuli. Soft, gentle and harmonious sounds bring calm, peace, well-being and above all to produce a great soothing effect. If it is a shrill sound, he is restless, gets nervous and disturbs his peace. With this introduction, we intend to understanding how important that are the sounds that baby listens when you are inside your mother, in the same way are very important out already it.

There are many toys that offer adequate market for each stage by passing baby, many are selected by us for its smoothness, its security or because they are very beautiful and striking. When it’s a sound toy, first of all we must combine a sound that produces a relaxing effect and that flood the small peace, tranquility and happiness as primary.
Depending on the stage by passing the baby we will have to select a particular sound. A baby until six months of age has a gradual interest, i.e., his interest in the environment grows as develops, at this stage gets enthusiastic with the sounds and listen to anything that can emit a sound, rattles, musical lamps or hanging musicals are appropriate toys.

From six months of age and gain more control over your body, it manages to grab objects, passing them from one to the other hand, begins to explore through touch and mouth and when he discovers that a toy sounds to the touch, its focus is on it. The Sonic dolls are one of the most recommended toys during this stage.

As mentioned, each stage enhances any ability of small and their perception, when the child begins to understand when we talk to him, is suitable a toy to speak or as a keyboard musical toy. These cause you great fascination and feels attracted by the sounds that emerge from these toys.

We give great importance to the sounds that produce toys, the volume, the harmony that are above all, always according to the stage in which.

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