The Game of Home Ownership

As children grow up they go looking for places where they can have their own space and enjoy its world. Thus, they begin to exercise their right to privacy.

It is from the three years more or less when you see that your child seeks its own shelters. Initially improvised a little house with a sheet, a box or under the table and gradually become more demanding in design and construction of his own House of games.

They tend to become “the place” where often the same that make out how to read a book or play with their favorite toys, but doors inside, they set the rules. And whoever entering your shelter must abide by its internal rules.
We can provide materials that construct or items to decorate your House as you cans, boxes. Any object and place is valid to build their own shelter, a tree, a corner of the room, the garden…

That Yes, if we have the honor to be invited to his house, must respect its own rules, play like they want and what they want. In addition, you will love officiate hosts where they are masters.

If you don’t have much space at home, there is a proposal to build a House with cardboard boxes in an afternoon.