The Game in Parallel: Juntos Pero No Revueltos

The baby is by nature a social being, but is learning to relate little by little. It was only three years later when the child discovers the social dimension of the game.

During the first year, play with their parents, or rather the parents play with them. The relationship with dad and MOM, still the center of your little world, is the basis of future relations.

Between the first and second year, like being with other children, but they do not share games. Each one makes your life by your side, but they enjoy be accompanied. It is the stage of the game in parallel, each absorbed in their activities. Although we sit down in the middle of a round of children, it will surely play only, without interacting with others.
It is a very self-centered stage, they don’t want to share their toys and removes other people. Everything is “mine” and if you want it removed, paste.

It is one stage of development, that are strengthening their own personality to then be able to interact with others. Our mission is to teach them to share and not stick until they are more mature to play a two.