The Function of Toys

Toys are the companions of all children, with them having fun, they learn, they develop skills… It is necessary to recognize the power that has every toy in our child’s learning and try to have motivations you need at every stage of their growth.

There are toys that provide global mobility, invite you to move all parts of the body, are toys that you have to jump, run, pedal, etc. These activities help to coordinate our movements and be in top physical form.

There are those that produce sensory development, these toys propose games tactile, Visual, auditory, gustatory, olfactory, etc. and help develop intelligence sensorimotor.
Of spatial orientation, like remote control cars, help the child acquire the ability to lead in the environment and at the same time, you internalize spatial notions such as front-back, left-right, near-far.

Some toys which are highly recommended are that develop the language, since they favor their use either speaking or writing. With them you can express ideas, feelings and also learn new words.

Toys with which your child has to use his hands and his skill to build or manipulating small parts are the so-called of dexterity, they encourage their creativity and precision.

Also many toys encourage sociability, as these entail involving more children and even the family, and if it is a toy which also motivates the affection, will allow your child to express feelings and emotions.

Most of the toys, one way or another, promote intelligence, since they make think our son, it learns to associate, memorizes and their reasoning ability increases, since you always learn new things.