The First Toy: Your Own Hands

The third month, the baby has achieved great progress and becomes more active. We see in it a great interest in everything new: people, toys, different situations and there is something which will be fascinated: his own hands and fingers. It will begin to observe them in detail, to suck, it will agitate them when he sees something that likes and can separate them and bring together them.

As he moves the reflection of “grabbing” begins to fade with which the baby can see the fingers individually instead of seeing them in a fist position.

The discovery of their hands is the first step to self awareness. Your hands will be his first toy.
A good exercise to contribute to the psychomotor development is to hang a mobile so that baby can reach and touch the figures with their fingers. Show your hands by repeating “these are your hands, the hands of…” move them, get that palmitas, give you massage hands, tell him that are nice while the touching.

Also remember beautiful hands as “five lobitos”, “spider”, “tarts” or games others are playing in your area. Remember that this time your hands are your main centre of interest and will love everything about them.