The Cutest Baby Who Looks Like Celebrities

Good morning divas!!!

I think my dream of being a mother is printed on my face: every day I receive pictures of children (almost always mini divas) cute and super stylish, but last week when my friend and super model Livia sent me these photos, I almost fell in love and it had tripled my desire to have a baby!

So … I had to share with you this moment of cuteness.

Angie is a professional photographer who had the genius idea to recreate various looks of celebrities using only paper and a lot of creativity! Best of all this is that the creations are dressed and incorporated on Angie’s daughter, the little girl Mayhem, who is only 4 years old, gives us a lesson in style.

Do you want to meet her?

Is she not the most beautiful mini diva you’ve ever seen?

I’m so in love with her and I want a daughter like that for me!
Best of all are the faces and mouths of Mayhem in the pictures! She really embodies the “characters” and literally plays the role.

And then … What do you think, divas?