The Complete Drone Guide

Drones have been one of the most popular new phenomena and covers many different markets. First and foremost, the drones proved to be extremely efficient, both when it comes to commercial purposes and for general hobby use.

We give you here the complete drone guide with everything you need to know, so you can quickly familiarize yourself with this new phenomenon.

Everything about drones

A drone is like a flying vehicle [1] can be compared with a model helicopter, where the typically has a more square shape with propellers in all four corners. This makes it able to be highly maneuverable, and thus is the not so clumsy, as we have previously seen from previous model airplanes and helicopters.

Drones usually have a camera installed in the bottom, so it can easily fly around and filming or investigate areas not normally can get to. Drones have got their name from the pilotless aircraft, which the u.s. military has been using for a number of bombings, since they thus do not put pilots ‘ lives in danger when a risky mission to be carried out.

Application options

Helicopter drone Drones can be used in many different contexts and describes some of the areas where they often will be used:

Hobby use

Drones have been mostly known due to their popularity as a hobby. There are many regulations for which it is allowed to fly with its drones, since it must not be too close to residential buildings, military destination, major public roads, etc.. So you should be very aware of the rules as the owner. You can read more about drone rules at


The use of drones is ideal for study of buildings or machinery, where human beings would otherwise have a hard time getting up. The best example in Denmark could be wind turbines. They can also be used by organizers to film events, where you can get an overview from the top.

Police/Fire Department

When it comes to police, fire and other emergency work, dronernes flexibility can give an overview of the given situation and thus be an invaluable tool when the situation ends. They are therefore become a widely used tool, when the country’s police and fire department to resolve difficult situations.

A good example of this is the wide selection of commercial drones you find on Here there are variants for most purposes, institutions and business types.

The many drone types

There are several different types of drones, each suited to a particular purpose. Whether it is for hobby or whether it is for reconnaissance work. Therefore, it is important you make yourself clear what purpose it must meet. A deep knowledge of the specific type of drone will make the experience much better and the result much more efficiently.

It is special features, quality and durability that defines which category each drone belongs. 3D Robotics and DJI are two of the leading manufacturers in the market, but even they have models targeted most needs.