The Best Toys for Babies

Playing is a serious matter when it comes to child development.

The Best Toys for Babies

Moreover, until the first year, the baby is quite limited, since there are materials, forms and even games that are far from being recommended.

If you are considering buying new toys for your baby or offering a playful gift to a family member or child of a friend or colleague, follow the advice of the experts. These are the best toys you can offer them:

Thanks to its colors, shapes and sounds, it helps the child to develop their “ability to follow and coordinate visual and auditory”, writes Mário Cordeiro, pediatrician, in “The Big Book of the Baby” (The Sphere of Books) , according to which this object should be placed next to the cradle and not on top.

Riding toys
With various shapes, colors and sizes that fit together, they help develop fine motor skills, the ability to identify similar things, recognize colors and establish relationships between objects.

Puppets with sound
“Teach the baby the principles of cause and effect,” explained Louis and Joe Borgenicht, pediatricians, in “Baby-Book Instruction” (Plural Art Editions). If they fit in the hands of the baby they are great for “developing their ability to grasp and handle objects”.

Other Suggestions

Colored keys, mirrored surfaces, rubber and plastic toys, activity mats, and age-appropriate books.