The Best Gift for This Christmas Return to Be Us

Happens every year, children are bundled to look at catalogs and television ads looking for their favorite gifts, try to hit within the limitations that we discuss them and we even bought some toys that do not ask because we believe that they will love them and at the end it is that the best gift just as we were.

We are sure that nobody has done before, but I am for putting a picture of me among the pages of the catalogues of Christmas with the subtitle “That dad play with us”, to see if I choose as a gift. I do not know you, but I am sure that would be the first of your lists, the best gift for your letters.

I never played with my father

Or rather, my father never played with me. Logical, was the fourth, already playing with my brothers. However, now that I do play with my children, I realize that would have loved to share more time and more play with him.

I chose my gifts each year with tremendous enthusiasm, did the letter with the things that I liked the most and those nights fatal, slept by the nerves, by the desire to… horrors I was asleep and I woke at all hours to see if they were six. Then, from that time, which woke up first awoke to another (and I say another because this was a pact between Karlitos, the fifth, and I… the rest slept as any night).

We opened gifts that we had chosen, and others who were surprise, with nerves, joy, radiant to have everything we wanted and more. And however, had my father been the Christmas gift, I would have stayed with him.

Perhaps express it so because he missed me, i.e., as the year it was not for us, the mere can spend a day with him, but really (because it was with us, but not by us), would have made this one of the best in my life.

Toys are a means, not an end

So don’t forget to never. The best toys are not the most expensive. They are those who serve for that to develop the game. The best toys are not those who come in the larger box, but those with which the children can feel the joy, magic and the will to use them, play with them.

Parents now have had many more toys that our parents in our childhood, and in spite of that we were able to also play without them. Time children have many more toys than us, and however it seems that without toys or screens may not be able to play.

A tip for those who want it, make possible this Christmas by be the best “toy” of your children. Play with them, if you want to play with them with their new toys (which can also be), take advantage of the time together and you will see that two things happen: first, that you will find as well with you who will not want to stop playing and secondly, that from that moment will be more eager to be with you, more eager to share time and words and will thus have, a better relationship.

Finally and after the children end up becoming materialistic because they ask for and call for things to play and to try to fill all that time in which we are not with them or for them.