The 13 Best Books on Crafts for Children

Because if there is anything like the children it is paint, cut, paste, create, build, implement and recompose. We call it craft, they call it fun.

Usually mothers and fathers ahead, prepare such activities to the rainy evenings, for the moments in which plans are reduced to the living room or the kitchen table, depends of lovers of the risk that we are constricting us and put us in slaughter.

If the spring rainy evenings or warm summer evenings, you obligated to stay at home, we bring you nothing less than the 13 best craft books for kids that I have found.

“The great book of crafts” of Maria Jesus Garcia Gonzalez

From playing the strings mad to create origami figures to send secret messages in morse code many ideas with which it is impossible to be bored. You can find them at 17′ €10

“Crafts with paper. Creations with paper and cardboard”

It is a book designed for the creative development of children with a material that is as versatile as it is paper. By 3′ €80 you can buy it.

“Fun craft”

Following that a book to create projects with fabric, buttons, felt, rubber Eva… Yes, well simple steps. You find it by 3′ €80.

“The great book of crafts”

A book as complete in which you will find possibilities and ideas according to the ages of the children themselves. You can also find them by 18′ €95.

“This is not a book” Keri Smith

It is certainly a different book like this author, Yes… This sounds like a contradiction but it is truth. It is not a book properly craft, but you’ll need a lot of creativity to remove everything that hides inside. By 11′ €35 you can acquire it.

“Crafts for rebuenas children. Jar of ideas”Gemma married

If you know The jar of Ideas you know that their proposals are always more palatable, in this case crafts that are so together we believe our own toys. You find it by €14.21.

“365 fun crafts” Fiona Watt.

A craft for every day of the year and if it is a leap like this because you will have to make a twice! I am sure that costs you much choose because they have all a great pint. €14.21 you have it.

“Crafts for children” from Martha Stewart

Sure you know Martha Stewart and her taste and skill to do many things at home, here’s a good example of this, in this book. You can buy it at the price of € 24.70

“Project Kids.” 100 clever crafts to enjoy with your children”of Amanda Kingloff

From the arrival of this book home is over it of shoot the tetra bricks from milk before they pass through the creative hands and creators of the smallest of the House. €18.95 you have it at home.

“Create and recycle. Easy and creative crafts for children.”from Kireei

Sure that you also know the Kireei website and the creativity that their ideas, this is one more example of this. Highly recommended, no doubt. You can buy it for € 5.22 ebook version.

Keri Smith “just this book”

Author Yes, again because the approach is very original and innovative dare to finish this book? As to why! It is on sale for € 13.25.

“50 scientific crafts” from Kate Knighton

Few things more entertaining and surprising than the scientific experiments and thus, in addition to entertain will be learning without realizing it or a whacked! You can buy £ 8.51.

“50 crafts to make with your child” Lucía Sández

I do not know if by Lucia you sound but baballa Surely you do know it, this book compiles some of the best crafts has done it with their “butts”, his two sons, to spend some time together fun. It is priced at €18.90..

Well, with these thirteen books have plenty of evenings full of fun family already plans of the skill and the skill it are going to have to put you do not you think?