Tablets for Children: What Buy?

Our small technological natives are experts in managing smartphones and tablets. At the moment they are too small to have their own mobile, but the toy industry has in recent years launched a wide range of tablets for children that you offer utilities according to their needs.

If you’re thinking in a tablet as a Christmas gift for the small and to regain the domain of yours, we teach you some models that you can find in the market, with prices ranging from the 89 to 249 EUR.

Tablet Superpaquito of Imaginarium

It comes from the hand of the famous chain of toys and has been the first tablet adapted especially for the little ones. Account with exclusive software for children through PaquitoLand and have insisted above all in the 100% security. This is: e-mail, internet, video and applications with parental controls, do not have access to social networks and sets time limited by parents.

It has 9.7 inch screen, the largest is located in tablets for children, which includes calendar, table of rewards, controlled internet games to learn English, e-reader (e-book), player, camera and video.

For more technological information, consult the explanation of contact that our colleagues from Engadget, absolute experts, have had with Imaginarium Superpaquito.

The price of Superpaquito is of 249 EUR. But have launched a mini version of 8 inches by 179 euros.

Tablet Diset Meep

Diset has also released a tablet with 7 inch screen and Android 4.0 operating system. Account a number of already preloaded applications Angry Birds or one, games, e-books, music and more to download in the store Meepstore.

It has the particularity, and great advantage for parents, that can be monitor the navigation and usage hours the Tablet through any computer.

Account with camera and video, connectivity via WiFi and HDMI, and a plus: brings a ergonomic shockproof case. For more technical details visit Diset official site.

The recommended price of Diset Meep is of $ 200, but you can get for less. I’ve seen it here for 124,99 euros.

Clan Tablet

RTVE has dared to make an own tablet with content preloaded from the children’s channel. There are children who only make use of the Clan application on the tablet of MOM or dad, therefore it is a good option to take into account.

It allows you to see episodes a la carte children’s series, has an application of color and through the camera Clan photos can be removed with the characters of your favorite series.

It works with Android 4.0, has multi-touch 7 inch screen, 4 GB of internal memory, HDMI output, dual camera, and microSD slot.

For safety of parents, allows you to load up to 8 profiles to measure for each child by controlling access to internet, applications that can access, time of use, or define how many times a day they can access the tablet.

The price of Clan Tablet is of 179 euros and sold with a protective cover.

Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids

Within its range of devices, Samsung has launched one specific to children. It is a tablet with Android 4.1 which has a 7 inch screen with a resolution of 1024 × 600 pixels.

It has connection wifi, bluetooth, USB port and two cameras. It brings a stylus and a series protective casing, which you can buy a grip for more comfortable use.

It incorporates preloaded applications (Disney Channel Replay, Pocoyo TV, among others) and has access to more than 600 from Samsung Apps or Google Play (only parents can do it). It has educational activities, games, children’s ebooks and videos in multiple languages.

As regards parental control incorporates an application manager so that parents select those that children can use or not, as well as establish periods and time of use.

For more information about the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids tablet You can check the manufacturer’s website, as well as the review of the experts from Engadget. Its price is of 219 euros.

Lexibook Junior Tablet

It is a tablet 7 inch Android 4.0, screen with resolution 800 x 480 pixels, WiFi, 4GB of storage and up to 5 hours and a half.

Account with educational and entertainment content and advanced parental control already integrated. It has 52 activities such as games, recipes, crafts, science experiments, an editor of photos, songs and puzzles. Also contained so they can learn the letters, shapes, numbers and colors of fun.

It allows you to chat, but with built-in parental controls, as well as download apps Lexibook Market, but with password.

To learn more go to the product page. The price of Lexibook Junior Tablet is of 149,99 EUR.

Tablet Storio Vtech 2

VTech has launched tablets line Storio, 3 models, one of them Storio 2 Baby for children from 18 months, the only market for technological early children.

His design at a glance is more typical of a toy, with 5 inch display with auto rotation, memory internal 2 GB (expandable) and claims to be 100% shock resistant. Its contents are designed by psychologists and educators and includes two possibilities of use.

On the one hand, it contains already installed applications games with motion sensor, drawing tools, retouching photos, MP3 player, etc. While on the other hand can be installed educational games cartridges, adapted to every age, such as a game console.

The Storio 2 Baby version for young children, the contents and activities are adapted to their age, and incorporates a special guard to withstand bumps and drops.

Check out all the details on the official site of Vtech. The price of the Vtech Storio 2 tablet is of 99.99 EUR.

My first tablet Clementoni Clempad

It is a recommended tablet for children 3 to 6 years, We find the Clempad Plus for older children.

Comes with Android 4.1, 7-inch screen, 4 Gb memory, wifi, USB port, mini USB and camera. It has educational applications and parental control to manage what the child can be accessed.

It allows you to surf the internet with safety control, make and play videos, listen to music through the built-in MP3 and take photographs.

The website of the product does not have details but you can visit it here. The price of My first Clempad of Clementoni is of 120 euros.

Other tablets for less than 100 euros

Although they have not been created specifically for children, there is a range of tablets for less than 100 euros that it can be used by kids without spending too much money.

Logically, not will have earnings of the previous children’s applications pre-installed or specific parental control software. On the other hand, you’ll have to get you to make for a safe and proper use of Tablet. It has the advantage that you can also use it.

First of all, highly recommended for performance and for being a Spanish manufacturer, we find the tablet BQ Maxwell 2 Lite Android 4.1, 7 inch screen, a new Dual Core processor and a worthy 1024 x 600 resolution. Its price, 99 euros in Toys R Us.

Also scraping the 100 euros and similar characteristics can be found the Acer Iconia B1 with 7-inch display, 1024 × 600 pixel resolution, Android Jelly Bean (4.1.2) and dual core processor.

Wolder brand has a range of tablets for less than 100 euros, including the Wolder miTab Magic, a Tablet Android 4.0 seven inch and a weight of only 350 grams with 4-hour battery.

By the way, Mark also has a child miTab Yummy 7 inch tablet with 2 cameras and protective cover, children’s content and parental controls at a price of 89 euros.

I hope that these recommendations of tablets for children help to find the ideal Christmas gift for your children. Increasingly from smaller control our devices with magic fingers, perhaps it is time that have their own.