Symbolic Play

When it comes to children, play is serious thing. The game not only to entertain them, but it contributes to their intellectual and emotional development.

Symbolic play is the playground par excellence in which children imagine being, mimicking situations that come in real life.

In this process they use to maximize your imagination, constantly playing at the boundary between the real and the imaginary, which helps them to create mental representations that will be of great help to resolve future situations in your life.

Leisure activities in which children learn to symbolize starting from age two when they have the level of understanding that allows them to mimic real-life situations such as play to Dad and MOM, to make food, play that they go to the store for food, take care of the baby, to name a few of the favorite games of my three-year-old girl.

But the game is not just imagine, but that speech accompanies the game, since while they perform they are speaking out and sharing your fantasies with other kids, so it also promotes its socialization.

Through the representation children assimilate and understand situations living in real-life relationships that will help you to develop successfully in the future.

As parents, we need to encourage by all possible means that kind of game into our children, playing with them and buying them or making toys that promote the symbolic, important game for personal maturation.