Some Parents Show Their Children That Their Dinosaurs Come to Life at Night

After watching the film Toy Story my son asked me if the evening dolls and toys in general charged life. I asked him “I don’t know, do you think?” and there was a conversation in which I said things like “see, I can not hear them, but go to know” and he was thinking that it could not be, with the question of whether it could be.

Part those thoughts, probably loaded with imagined scenes with toys, recreating adventures only lived by them, the magic of creativity of the children. This is what they must have thought the parents of some children who, driven by the desire to amaze them, and by the desire to not lose their creativity, they decided to show them that their plastic dinosaurs come to life at night.

On the first night the dinosaurs were dedicated to open, destroy and play with a box of cereal. The next morning they bundled with fruit and began to be less careful with that of “no trace of that have gone through here”. Thus, during several nights, dinosaurs made mischief by the House and his parents explained the reasons as well:

In the age of the iPad and Netflix we don’t want our children to lose their ability to surprise and imagination. The only thing we need is a bit of energy, time, creativity and a plastic dinosaur. Childhood is fleeting, so let’s make sure we make it fun while it lasts.

Then I leave you with the complete sequence, has no waste:

On the website where I found the comments are very varied, from people who love the story to people who think that the children may have nightmares if we do this or they are angry when they find out what is the truth. Not like too fool children, sincerely, but this do not see so because children know that their dinosaurs are made of plastic and, depending on the age, are clear that it is difficult for it to happen. Until that age, played a little in doubt… they say that it can not be, that you have done so, and you reply that “no, impossible, I was sleeping”, with that face that betrays the “Yes, of course that I’ve been…”. It is one game, is fun, and although I don’t do it, I remind you that in its day I did something similar with a sweet potato, so yes, in this case I wish to subscribe to truck people have enjoyed viewing the destructions of the dreaded plastic dinosaur.