Sexist Messages in Toy Advertisements

Parents are responsible for educating our children in gender equality. The media also.

For it is through them that children create their stereotypes, and the data indicate that it is not working in that direction.

A study of 150 ads in Andalusia during the month and a half indicates that six of every ten ad contains sexist messages.

Girls play with dolls and are responsible for the cleaning, care, and feeding into the House while it imposes on them an image of success related to beauty.

Those games and toys based on the imitation of roles is where most sexist messages are emphasized.

According to the Observatory Andalusian of advertising non-sexist of the Andalusian Institute of women, 58% of ads that appeared in newspapers and television projects sexist stereotypes and nonsexist violates the Decalogue of advertising points.

Women are involved in household chores while children deal with cars. As life itself. Identical to real life.

Why not a boy with a Barbie and a girl playing the races? It is not a question of imposing it, but teach them that the possibilities are very spacious.

Maybe, the example must begin with the House to change those stereotypes. Models that we are all responsible for reverse.