Rescuing Toys From Other Generations

A few generations ago it was common for television to be black and white, people were walking, and toys were simpler, but healthier than today. The kids were not “addicted” to computer games, or to very individual toys. It was all done in a handmade way and often to play in a group, for example: rope to jump, game with marbles , ball to play with friends in the street. There were pawn competitions among the boys, the shuttle was also a great choice to play with.

Toys of the Past

The only energy used with toys in the past was that the children used to spin the pawn , to make the yo-yo up and down, to jump the rope. Besides amusing the toy was also a great physical exercise , maybe that is why yesterday’s children were not as likely to put on weight as current ones, as they were required to do some physical exertion. Besides that there was not so much problem with safety, before the children could go to the squares, the playgrounds with more freedom and less fear.

Without disqualifying the current toys, but the truth is that the same boy who distracts playing video game can be distracted learning to ride a kite, a girl who plays with a talking doll and walks can also have fun with a cloth doll that is moved only by imagination. It is through imagination that the child can learn to invent and create. Playing can also be educational, after all those who invented robot dogs that bark and catch the ossinho also learned to make a kite, played with a handle, hide and seek, soccer, peteca, among others.

Current Toys

Although all the news that comes up do not think that the toy industry renews all the time, they just change the physiognomy and add some things to the old toys and end up becoming new once again, such as: the doll that used to be cloth became plastic and blinks, then that same doll was with the plastic head and the body of cloth and when you tighten the belly she says something.Things do not change completely, they just stay in an improved and updated version.

The toy is something that is in everyone’s life whether rich or poor, some more sophisticated than others, but with the same function … Have fun!