Rent Toys for Children’s Party SP

Nowadays it is common to have birthday parties for children, with a good structure, and parents are more and more concerned with pleasing them, making available in the party toys of various sizes that is what the children like both boys and girls. girls and for all ages.

In the market destined to products of children’s parties, we find toys, such as: pula-pula, toboggan, trampoline, polka-dot pool, let’s say in passing, are the most common.
Prices also range from $ 150 to $ 320, but also have the most expensive ones such as soccer field, volleyball, basketball, mechanical bull, soap football court which prices range from $ 380 and up to $ 600.

Ideally not to leave the toy rental to the last minute, because companies specialized in the field of artifacts for children’s parties usually have programming and work with scheduling system of their materials.And to avoid inconveniences and possible problems with toy rental, contact the companies of this segment as soon as possible.

The rental of toys for party in SP there are several companies in the field of rental of toys, one of them is which offers a wide range of toys for children’s parties, such as: Pula – Pula (castle) 3 × 3 alt.2.6m available for a period of 5 hours (price valid only for São Paulo Capital) And in case the lease is made by other regions will be charged freight according to distance.Age range of toy use:from 02 to 09 years old is worth:R $ 160.00.

Rent toys in SP today and easy because there are many specialty shops with many varieties, prices, many come with services of monitors depending on the toy they are very colorful making the joy of the children and parents as well.
Still on the site, the interested party to find toys finds:Pula-Pula Balloon or Inflatable Bubble Pool (Forest) 3 × 3 alt. 2.6m – With 1 monitor
Period of 5 hours) The values ​​are valid for city of São Paulo, other regions will be charged freight according to distance. Age Range:from 02 to 09 years Price:R $ 200.00.

In specialized stores we find everything a children’s party asks for, besides the toys we have already talked about, we also find electronic games that make children, and even adults, happy.

These games have a minimum indication of the age of five, with the option of fighting games like Street Fighter, Cadilac, Dinosaurs, Metal Slug, The King of Fighter, Soccer and others.Visit the site and check the variety of arcades in the store.For pricing information, please contact the store by phone:(11) 2916-5348 fax:(11) 2115-3985.

It is necessary to price toy rental prices for SP children’s party, as well as choose which toys will be part of the child’s birthday party. In this way the interested in locating toys can check the price options, and period of time available to stay at the party.