Remember the Toys of the 80’s

For those who were still children in the 80’s, this was a very good time, where many toys appeared that remain to this day in the memory of many. Most of them had a little high value, but there is no one who does not know them. Recall some toys that were very successful among children in the 80’s and even today are in the memory of Brazilians.


The Barbie dolls arrived in Brazil in the 80’s and then uprooted the competitor Susi, who until then was the best seller in the country. At the time, the doll line still came to release several famous models, in addition to a version of the doll itself for hairstyles.Barbie Hair was just a doll head that was accompanied by bobs, cleats and little girls who made the girls happy.


The videogame launched in the 80’s in Brazil was brought by the brand Gradiente and was a veritable overflow of sales, which remained until the end of the decade, when the SEGA got into the fray.Among the main Atari games were the River Raid, Megamania, Enduro and Frost Bite.

Magic cube

The magic cube is a classic that is present to this day.The toy created in the 70’s, arrived in Brazil ten years later and made the children happy that really broke the head to unite all the squares of the same color.The game has become so popular that it has become a mania among adults, who even now compete to see who rides the puzzle the right way, faster.


The Aquaplay toy was a sports game, but sedentary.In this game, the competitors were inside an “aquarium”.It was only to fill the water toy and then push the buttons and try to make the ball hit the goal, almost a bowler, but in a very small size.


The famous memory game was composed of four colors and four sounds that became a real craze among the youth of the time.The disco with colorful lights and noisy was the biggest success among children who had not yet known the video games, becoming a true classic of the decade.


The Ferrorama was the version of the famous Autorama.The toy made up of wagons, a locomotive and parts, which together formed a small railroad, became a fever among the children of the 80’s. The success of the toy was so much that the star is about to launch a new version of the toy, which came accompanied of a challenge met by fans who wanted the toy back.