Recycled Toys

In today’s world, various jokes and types of toys are left behind, most children prefer electronic toys or stand in front of television watching shows, serials or cartoons. But is this kind of attitude part of the children or the parents who do not offer another option? You can invite your child to build their own toy and then play in an easy-to-play way. From recyclable materials, it is possible to create various recycled toys for your child to enjoy.

So take our tips and learn how to make recycled toys.

You know that hose that stuck a while ago and you do not find it any use to her?Know that it is possible to build a hula hoop for your child super simple and fast.Cut a piece of hose and a tips.Glue with hot glue to secure well and do not loosen.You can even decorate the hula hoop with gift ribbon, wrapping it around the already glued hose, then just use the hot glue to glue the ribbon.

Do you have a lot of paper stockpiled at home? What do you think of building a different puzzle for your child? To do this, simply cut out the same size paper and glue one over the other. After the glue is dry, quench black quenching paint and paint both sides of the board that you have built with the sheets, expect to dry. While dry, you can invite your child to choose a picture that he or she likes well colored and fun on the internet. Print the chosen image the same size as the board you painted. Glue the image to one side of the hob and wait for it to dry. Once dry, grab the stylus and cut into pieces that can be small or large shuffle and start the fun!

Many people like to buy little chopsticks to make barbecue, use it once and then let it thrown in the closet until it ends up in the trash, does not it?Because instead of playing in the trash can make a game very fun for your child.Take the barbecue sticks and paint with gouache paint or finger paint.Make colorful sticks, the more colorful the game looks.After you dry, you can play with your child or build a door – set of toothpicks, do you want to try?Take a small empty pet bottle and remove the label.Then you can paint the bottle or choose a sticker to decorate.With little work she is ready.

What to do with the caps of the pet bottles?You can build board games with the caps.To build the tray, use cardboard or any other piece of hard paper you have at home.You can play the old game, lady game, backgammon, etc … You can cover the caps with paper, cloth or paint.The games are fun and your child will surely enjoy it.

With milk cartons you can build docking games for your child.Just wash the boxes well, cut out the correct pieces to form the insert, and then wrap it with colored paper, paint it with ink or line it with white paper and illustrate.The game will be a lot of fun and your kid will have fun for sure.

Did you see how easy it is to reuse materials that you would probably throw away? Garbage is no longer trash when it becomes useful. Surely you and your child will have a lot of fun and become more united by creating toys from recyclables.