Puzzle Mat and Puzzle Sorter Reviews

Puzzle mat:

If you have opted for a puzzle, whose completion takes several hours or days to complete, the puzzle mat is a very practical accessory. The base is equipped with a sticky surface, so that the puzzle pieces cannot move. There are also lockable variants, where the parts are safe until the next puzzle.

Puzzle role:

Also, the role of puzzle which consists mostly of non-slip felt serves as a practical document. The puzzle is simply rolled up with pad on a sturdy plastic tube and can be stored safely.

Puzzle sorter:

A puzzle sorter, which consists of several small bowls of jigsaw puzzle, in which the parts are can sorted according to colors or shapes suitable for large puzzles.

Conclusion – pastime with brains
Puzzles are a popular pastime for all ages, which makes it quite incidentally also still smart. Once again, read the most important aspects in the overview:

− You are looking for a pastime that calls the brain and promotes? Then, the puzzle is just right for you. It supports concentration, hand eye coordination, endurance, and motor skills.

− You are looking for a suitable subject for your child? Worry about their preferences and interests. There are puzzles in virtually all variants and with motives of the comic book heroes to the race car.

− Your child is aged between 12 and 24 months? Then you decide is best for a wooden puzzle with a few parts.

− You want to make happy your child of pre-school age? Small frame puzzles are the best choice for this age group.

− apply for older children: difficulty may vary depending on the level of development of the motifs and part number.

− You want to try something different than the standard puzzles? Try it once at a puzzle ball, a 3-D puzzle, or a magnetic puzzle.