Play The Kitchenettes

I remember fondly play the kitchenettes When I was little girl. I had my store, my kitchen, a table where we sat down to the dolls, toy food and lots of gadgets that got me many fun evenings.

Play the kitchenettes, despite the insistent advertising sexist proposed only girls in pink kitchenettes, is a form of symbolic play that attracts, if not press them against, to both sexes and that they will allow exercise your imagination and enter the fascinating world of pleasures and culinary science.

We can, moreover, participate in the game with our children. Sitting at the table, pretend to be a restaurant Diner, and let them play the different roles, invent a letter and prepare, with toys or even drawings, delicious dishes. By playing up to we can play on the beach that food is a pile of sand on the reverse side of the cube.

But for the most exquisite, we can buy a kitchen, where experiences will be more real, in which illustrates the article that comes from the latiendadelafamilia page. There are who even dares build the kitchenette with their own hands, and I’ve seen some wonderful.

But is that there are now many, many toys, fabric, plastic and wood, more or less realistic, depicting all sorts of foods and that will serve us, besides to have fun, to learn about nutrition, hygiene, health and cooking techniques.

Us has served to foster, in addition, the passion for cooking from my son, who has among his possible professions, the be Cook. Already up to we have been in the Cordon Bleu cooking school interested us in their courses and we said it was the most young of prospective students who had visited the school.

Encourage them and propose this the kitchenettes game your children. You will have it great, safe.