Others Play Stimulates Their Imagination

After two years, many children develop the ability to put in the skin of others in their play and imagine that they are. Exactly are not yet able to imagine how others feel but they imagine that they are, playing, people, characters or animals.

Many children will start to say: “ I, Mickey ” or “ I, Pope ” or “ I, John ”, because like Mickey, misses Dad or remember his friend John, and they want to think that live their adventures or to have them near. Parents participate in this game talking to them as if those were other people, and inventing adventures.

Imagination is amazing at these ages, and we can explore a jungle, work as Pope would, or playing in the snow with John. We accompany them in these games inventing any adventure, enter their world and turn them into those who want to imagine.

Normally there is an object that makes them “ get in the skin ” of the other: If pick up shoes of Pope, a garment’s mother, Mickey snowman, backpack Dora the Explorer & #8230;

My oldest daughter lately is all these characters and how not, also is “ becomes ” in baby, not only in his little sister, but in other babies of their favorite characters as Rosi, Caillou’s sister (also becomes Caillou often), or a “ give us scares ” becoming the ghost of cuisine that is hidden behind the high chair.

Sometimes, even we assign others another role: “ you Minie ”, “ you yaya ”… It still find it difficult to understand and does not like is that I put me in place and imitate it to her or a baby. I think that you already have enough with her baby sister at home.

Another variety of imitations are the animals: as they increase their capacity of vocalization and movements are able to imitate animals each time more wisely. Of course, should take care because any object becomes a bone carrying the puppy in the mouth & #8230;

Playing without toys

Of course, the toys “ physical ” they continue to be among their favorite entertainment, but anything that does not pose danger to them can become a toy, and do it with much success. That is why you have to take care not to let dangerous reach objects, because the desire to explore and discover that magic turn it all in a game thanks to the imagination joins.

Even from the two years many children begin to be able to imagine that they eat an imaginary dish, cradling an imaginary baby, entering an imaginary House … imagine what space saving! Everything you need to play and have fun is in your imagination.

At the time who learn to imitate others, are also able to feign mental or physical States in the sense of play: now I am sad, now I am tired, now I’m angry, now I scared, now I have pain and I want the doctor to give me syrup with a fork & #8230;

Is in this age that the child starts to have fun in the company of other children, although limited to observe or imitate the play of others and hardly will collaborative with children of the same age, which usually come from the three years.

Starting at age 3, children start to interact with friends, you want to share your games with them and shared roles.

Meanwhile, we are parents that “ understand & #8221; This beautiful way of playing with others and we can enjoy it together and encourage them to become those who want to be. It is important that, while they play, learn and have fun, and we with them.