Now, Barbie Also Was Added to The Building Blocks

Just more than one year ago, Lego launched Lego Friends, the female line of Lego, and is now a Mega Bloks, of the hand of Barbie, whom It joins the building blocks.

Super blonde Doll has also seen the grain in blocks toys, and has not hesitated to play their own city in miniature, consisting of small plastic parts.

The first building for small blocks are used by children and girls alike, but the truth is that for when they are becoming older, the market is segmented in toys for children and toys for girls.

For children there was always more offer (cars, ships, trucks, transformable beings, etc.), however for girls there was almost nothing, until appeared Lego Friends and triumphed.

Barbie Mega Bloks He did not want to lose it, combining the universe Barbie with the building blocks. The result are sets that can be combined between them to form a city style Barbie.

We found a mansion Barbie, which it can go adding characters, furniture and accessories, a pet shop, a boutique, a swimming pool, an ice cream truck… You know, the world, Barbie has no end.