My Childhood Barbie Dolls

This week, Barbie celebrates its 56th anniversary. If it is a toy, this doll represents yet a lot in the eyes of many women. Especially the iconic designs of the 80s and 90s!

The Barbie part of these timeless toys that children demand at Christmas for more than fifty years. The little girls are addicted to this young blonde woman who wears little realistic measurements . Mattel did the Barbie a real star of the game market. Worldwide, the Barbie is adored and adapts to all applications. No matter the culture, trade, or nationality… The doll changes every day to delight his audience. Barbie goes to the beach as Barbie is doctor or Mermaid. Barbie is an air hostess, then Barbie is Tahitian. Hundreds of different Barbie models have been designed to satisfy all children.

Barbie is trend

The doll opts for hair, makeup, activities or even the trades “of the moment”. Barbie is a trend! Who, in the 80-90s, no has not tanned his parents for Barbie veterinary or Barbie air hostess? If the toy meets many stereotypes, it is all appreciated by the younger. As for the famous “head to comb” Barbie, we can’t forget it. There it will be “massacred”, this pretty blonde, with our Scissors plastic and our temporary tattoos… We remember as if it was yesterday!

1 Barbie Peach no Cream

2 Barbie tropics

3 Barbie Totally Hair

4 Barbie siren

5 Barbie veterinary

6 Barbie Hollywood Hair

7 Barbie air hostess

8 Barbie Chevelure of the Islands

9 Barbie doctor

10 Barbie styling head

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Zoom on the toys of our childhood:

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