More Game Time with Children

Because it is incalculable benefit that has children, the Spanish Association of toy manufacturers recommended more time playing with children.

Just few days ago we mentioned that play with the children is key to its development, but unfortunately the rush of every day make that we often forget something so basic and simple how to play with our children.

At least 10 to 15 minutes every day dedicated to the family game enough to get the benefits in children. Play with them makes them most happy, imaginative, tolerant and have more success in school.

In addition, it is an essential basis for the development of his personality. Accompany them in the game gives them security, fosters self-esteem, promotes family relations and strengthens the link excites the children creating a bridge of mutual understanding.

If they are still interested in learning about more benefits of the game with their children, they must know that it allows more emotional self-control, fosters creativity and success in school, promotes the popularity and social competence, favors attention, and promotes happiness. Neither more nor less.

In addition, the parents also find that it is an ideal way of disconnect from the routine. Put us to its height of children and have fun with them, either with toys or without them, is a great family therapy.

So, from here we encourage all parents to spend more time playing with children.