Moon in My Room, Moon in My Room

We have known a decorative and educational toy that may be of interest, it is of Moon in my room (Moon in my Room). Basically is a lamp that lights up the room of your child but emulate the Moon and all phases.

This Moon measures about 30 centimeters, includes a remote control with which to change of moon phase, and also gives the possibility of that play little by little all the moon phases.

Another feature that incorporates Moon in my room is a light sensor, i.e. when there is no ambient light in the room, can illuminate automatically.

The function of this toy, in addition to illuminate the room, is to introduce children to the world of astrology. On the other hand it can be an effective tool for those children who still are afraid of the dark when they go to sleep.

Moon in my Room is recommended for children from 6 years old, you can find it in any specialized toys or in online stores for a price around 20 euros.