MOM and Dad: Would How Be The Companion of Games Perfect for The Baby?

The progress that a baby experiences in its development the first year of life are amazing. In these, the game It has a lot to do, since it’s the best way of learning and development. The game is paramount for older and small, even for the very young.

It is important that moms and dads play with baby, because they learn a lot (mutually) and enjoy those first games that are a great novelty for children.

We are not talking about placing them against screens or supposedly educational toys which babies are more or less passive spectators. There is something that appeals more to the baby that interact with people, especially those with which it has a special link with MOM and Dad: we are your most precious toy.

These games with your baby will help to strengthen the bond and to develop intellectually, emotionally and physically, since we will be encouraging all those interrelated facets. What we need to know the parents about this for? become the perfect playmates?

Play with the baby, a simple task

It is essential that stimuli that we convey to the baby through the game are varied, rich in contrasts, gradual, and frequent. Repetition is key, and you will see that the baby never tires of participating in the same game times be necessary.

But there is no study to this “task” of play with baby: just letting ourselves be carried by the child, play, songs, laughter, massages… arise automatically.

We have to take into account that the baby becomes a cozy environment and soft and limited stimulus as the womb, to a world of stunning sounds, lights, colors, textures… Everything done to the senses of the baby to receive much new information that keeps you alert and that virtually any activity to become game.

So we have to take advantage of this openness and play with them since childhood, and although at first we obtain no obvious answer, soon to be the first smiles of the baby. It is also important to respond to the first games of the baby, from reply to its gurgling to return objects that will be pulling down.

Few months baby is aware of the “power” that has to manipulate their environment and interact with it and get answers from other people, so you are most likely doing these acts so we play with them. Little by little, the games are becoming more complex, but as we have said, any parent is perfectly able to adapt to what you need baby at each stage.

The game with the baby during the first year of life

Although in the coming days I will give you all the keys to play with the baby and child at each stage, serve this section as an introduction to the play with the baby up to 12 months. What is it? How would it be done?

We start saying that playing with the baby should not be seen as an obligation but it must be done when we are willing to do this and have enough time. We also have to take into account the State of mind of the baby. However, in general both devices will have wanted to have a good time together.

The first four months, when the baby has little mobility, games can be with the baby lying face-up or sitting in the cart. The grip to move his body, massages, put at your disposal toys, rattles, the songs, voices, hide and appear, the palms… are your favorite games during the first four months.

From the fourth month, the baby gains more strength and mobility, and in a couple of months more will be sitting. Previous games continue liking, and also their linguistic capacity expands and with them the possibilities of playing with sounds.

We pick-up at this point that the game is also important for the language of our children, because they are developing their linguistic ability to hear new words, issuing new sounds, gurgling, the first syllables and words…

It is at this stage when the baby has perfected the grip and is capable of handling objects, so the game can be based on offer or hide her toys (remember that any non-hazardous object can become a toy), to the lance, which search…

With the I crawl, expanding the playing field, and we can make racing circuits, “Pilla” play… It is better to play on a blanket, on the floor, sitting so that you have more freedom of movement. Songs, rhymes, poems… attract them more and more and are encourage to participate in the game.

In addition, games of movement next to MOM and dad as the Seahorse or the train, in which the baby is located on the largest and is sung and wobble or is going to shoulder are their favorites…

Up to twelve months, MOM and dad are still the Favorites of children to play. They feel safe and can take their first steps, which expands the field of games. The noise, the music, the movements are… still good games. Drag toys, theatre with puppets, gestures and imitation games, the first books… love them.

Have fun, experiment, get pleasure with the game, are the raison d ‘ être of the games. Learning and development come with this, but haven’t put targeted in this, but in fun, mutual understanding, in the time we spent with our children and making so much good to ourselves.

Increasingly there is awareness of the important role of the game in the healthy development of children, since they are babies. So moms and dads must get the batteries and not to forget the fundamental thing is to play with our children and how simple that is be the perfect Playmate for baby.