Making Homemade Musical Instruments

Kids love to play make sounds with everything they find in their path.

That may be a good idea propose become small luthiers and create their own musical instruments with materials that can be found in every home.

In his own give some suggestions to make maracas with plastic bottles empty filled with seeds or two stuck yogurt cups, a guitar with a box and rubber bands, or even a team of battery with a cardboard box and several cans.

In free education, also give instructions on how make instruments at home as a fonobicorde, fonomonocorde, castanets, and even a Mallorcan Shawm, but are a little more complicated to make, so you must help your little.

In Solohijos there is a section of creation of instruments with the step by step to create simple instruments such as a flute, a drum, a tambourine, a tam-tam and some other more.

They are all great ideas to stimulate the musical creativity of the child at the same time that the manual.

And to teach that the toys that don’t buy in a toy store can be just as fun, or more.