Makedo: Kit for Which The Child Create Their Own Toys

I have found an article which seems to me not only fantastic, but essential in every home with children. ES a kit to make the child create their own toys.

It is called Makedo and it consists of a reusable connection system that allows you to easily join together materials such as cardboard, plastic and fabric to create new structures.

It is ideal for playing with cardboard boxes and make houses, forts, trucks, trains, build shelters, robots, castles, sculptures… what they imagine. In the tube come 65 plastic parts that can be removed and put to use them over and over again.

It contains hinges, clips, fasteners of plastic and a tool, designed for children, with maximum safety, all for them they can create what happens to.

I find it much more interesting to offer them the tools so they believe their own toys that buy them Toys more sofitisticados of the Toyshop. They foster more CRE-activity, set in motion the imagination and discover that they may have with toys that they themselves have created.

If you pass by the Gallery of the official website of the product you will discover some spectacular creations. The Makedo Kit You can buy for 19.90 euros in shops like Imaginarium or Hullitoys.

You can also find cardboard toys and recycled materials to build of the same brand.