Lovely Children in The Park: The Soap Bubbles

Whirling of a spring afternoon in the Park. Screams, comings and goings, jumping, pushing, balls, carts… Children dot space placed by age, by swings, toys, parents offering snack… Suddenly, there is a mysterious force that modifies the distribution of kids. There are bubbles in the air.

As enchanters of snakes, such as the Pied Piper of Hamelin, bubbles of SOAP and its architect become the nerve center of the Park. Children seem to not mind where you come from. No matter that he is an adult, that is small which always pushes them, which is an unknown…

The world around fades and there is only a celestial horizon of soap bubbles that exist to pursue and destroy it anyway, with a background of multiple arms stretched in the fight for it in the visual angle of children.

There are only those small and beautiful portions of water and SOAP so wisely distributed to form an air bubble inside. What to say if “pompero” is new with this mysterious liquid formula unknown to ordinary mortals, which transmitted secret curandero, or the formula for Coca-Cola, for centuries, by their manufacturers. Unique formula.

Because once at home, we put that let’s you pompero to try to imitate the magic liquid, the result will not be the same. Will be lovely undertaker, but less.

Not arise with that force and the multiplicity that fills heaven of the Park’s brilliant soap bubbles to the hunting of children waving his arms excited and eager to play the evanescent and hypnotic bubbles.

The next day, after the success of the discovery, are some more lovely, and new soap bubbles delight the kids at the Park. “Let them fly, son!” Jump and his hand; translation: “that is im-po-si-ble, mama”.