Let’s Play Hide and Seek

Sometimes the simplest games are the most fun. Colorful toys with lights or music are not required to play hide and seek. Simply with a scarf or something that serves to cover the face of the baby and MOM, it reaches. And if it’s translucent, better still.

About seven or eight months is when they most enjoy this game. They begin to understand the constancy of the object, or that things and people are still there even though they do not see them. It is good that the mother cover face and play with the baby to “is now… now is not” for having conscience that MOM will be a moment but it will always return. Even, it will be who try to grab the scarf to discover you.

Also, love the babies the idea of disappearing hear MOM asking “Where is the baby?” and the face of relief when he returns to see you and say ‘Here is’. Thus, it also sharpens ear listening to your voice even if don’t see you the face.
Baby will love sharing this game with you and note that all your attention is only for him.

It is a stage that could be repeated thousands of times the same game. Although already not are they surprised when you discover you face, the game will continue to finds it fun.