LEGO Technic Sets

With LEGO Technic you can build everything from trucks to block cars and watch them run, lifting and pushing electronic. You need to move logs from the woods or rescue a poor climber stranded on a ledge, then you need LEGO Technic from

LEGO Technic Sets 1

It is possible to vary the difficulty level, so there will be plenty of challenges. LEGO Technic series is made for slightly older children of varying ages, depending on the product, but lend themselves most often first to children when they are in 10-12 years of age.

LEGO Technic Sets 2

Large selection of LEGO Technic

Here in the webshop, we cover a great selection of LEGO Technic. Buy LEGO Technic Jets, where you can build an airplane with a roof that can be lifted up and in and with wing flaps that can move. LEGO Technic models often have more options, and jetflyet can be converted to an art flight aircraft. Another option is a motorized excavator which consists of over a thousand parts, and which can be both an excavator and a truck.

LEGO Technic Sets 3