LEGO Juniors Construction Site

LEGO Juniors are easy kits targeted the 4-7 year olds who now is ready to play with real LEGO. The blocks are the same size as ordinary Lego bricks, and can therefore be used with everything else LEGO. LEGO juniors must help to build your child’s self-confidence, when Juniors can be built without the help of adults. At the same time, there is the opportunity to play with all the cool super heroes, beautiful princesses and scary sorcerers, as in the sets for the slightly older children.

10667 LEGO Juniors Construction Site

Use the crane and demolition ball to hit the wall in pieces. Read then the bricks onto the truck using the wheelbarrow, and drive them away. Afterwards you can use the scaffolding to rebuild the wall. Good work!

LEGO Juniors Construction Site

This iconic starter kits are available in a typical storage box, and includes a building instructions, so the set can be converted to the other two models. It’s the perfect way to introduce your child to build and develop skills on LEGO bricks. And so it is an obvious gift.

Includes a mini figure of construction worker.