LEGO Friends, The “Women’s Line” of Lego

The Danish company Lego has thought the girls to expand their sales and has created LEGO Friends, the female line of Lego, with five friends starring: Mia, Emma, Andrea, Stephanie and Olivia. It aims to reach that market share which resists it, as most of the recipients of their toys are children.

A veterinary clinic, a cottage on the tree, a laboratory, a garden, a sports area, a design workshop, a laboratory, a cafeteria… are some of the scenarios that you can create with the new games of constructions. That Yes, with a clear feminine touch in the colors and embellishments of the pieces.

The LEGO Friend, that have not yet reached Spain, sold recently in the United Kingdom, France and United States, in addition to in the Lego online store. The company estimates that it will reach the rest of the countries, among them Spain, between spring and summer.

The plastic blocks are a global success: they are present in 75 countries since its inception in 1932, but their market studies indicate that 50% of potential customers eludes them. Multiple scenarios of Lego, with its Pirate ships, buildings, spaceships, cars, board games… they do not attract enough girls, or rather to parents, that we are the ones who buy toys.

It is not the first time Lego tries to approach the girl, although in the past failed to much success. According to the company, LEGO Friends was created starting from a comprehensive study on the likes of girls in several countries and many hours of design.

The main characters correspond to prototypes, as the athlete (Mia), the mistress of animals (Stephanie), which only thinks about what dress to please (Andrea), chic (Emma) or the smart (Olivia). In the future will go on sale nine ethnic models of LEGO Friends to like in every corner.

Personally I think that a more unisex line, in the style of models featuring PlayMobil (not van explicitly directed toward one sex or the other) would be more appropriate, since so many stereotypes, are perpetuating although it is welcome that we show not only to pretty girls and silly.

Will be a matter of time to know if LEGO Friends, the female line of Lego, triumphs as their traditional models which, incidentally, little impediment I see them so they are object of game for girls.