Launch Campaign against Apps for Kids about Cosmetic Surgery

Be mother or father in these times It has brought us many advantages thanks to technology and the constant discoveries are made every day. Unfortunately, as well as advances that make us easier to motherhood are accomplished, also are situations that should keep us alert and in previous years did not exist.

This time talked of mobile apps or tablets, that every day is a new. Children frequently launched to the market, whether free or paid, new apps for games aimed at them. But we know the content of apps that our children use mobile? Sometimes it seems at first glance one game, can be turned into something that affects our children in terms of their way of thinking and the way how see themselves.

This is the case of gaming applications for children whose focus is on aesthetic surgery, in which the children pretend to be a plastic surgeon, “repaired” and “correcting” the imperfections of the characters within the game. Certainly the message that is sent with these games is not indicated for them.

This is why an Association of Buenos Aires, called AnyBody Argentina, has launched a campaign against this type of applications that use plastic surgery as the argument of many games for children. His initiative requires Apple, Amazon and Google, the leading brands in stores of apps, regulating better criteria to select which applications are suitable for children and what not.

Using hashtags #CirugiaNoEsJuego y #SurgeryIsNotAGame, This group, which is also global, created this campaign on social networks, mainly Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and has managed to generate indignation and annoyance towards this type of applications.

Luciana Mollar, representative of AnyBody Argentina, shares his testimony as a mother and the reason for the campaign in the petition have been released through

There are applications for Android and Apple that the girls and kids play to ‘change’ their face through plastic or cosmetic surgery. Just leave them “most beautiful”. At home we usually review the content of games that they have on the tablet, and we decided that you what can be used and which not. We are not in favour of games that objectify women, or that it has to be perfectly beautiful, No grains, no hairs.
What is the perfection of beauty? What the media tell us? At home we look in the mirror and know we are perfect and cute. That I teach my daughters that look in the mirror and feel beautiful and powerful. That they are unique and perfect. That you love your body. It is sometimes difficult, because society is sick, they are hyper-skinny women and muscular men. Sell clothes for sizes that do not exist. I don’t want a world so for them, and for any boy or girl more.
That these applications have to be eliminated, we cannot allow our children to have access to something so violent. We can not teach them that “being cute and perfect” is what you asked us the world. For these things, many end up sick or dead, due to the excess of perfection.

Like a girl’s mother could not be more than agreement. We live in a world in which we are taught that the image of the woman is important, thanks to the pictures of models and celebrities with “perfect” bodies (many of them retouched) or unattainable that we see in magazines and television.

According to the organizers of the campaign, just Google Play tent There are more than 200 applications of this theme. And it is that applications, although they must be validated, have broad permission to be published. Also the classification system is not the best, since for example, these images that are of an app called “Plastic surgery simulator”, Google Play classified as “E”, i.e., for all ages.

The plot of the application it’s patients who survived the explosion of a chemical power plant and there are people who need the “surgeon”, in this case the user of the application, to save them, helping their appearance back to normal. Although this sounds like something positive that “helps” mentioned patients, in the mind of a child is going by imposing the idea that any physical defect can be “repaired” thanks to plastic surgery, and cosmetic.

Since then the our job as parents is to teach our children to know and love your body to prevent that they feel insecure or low self-esteem in the future. That is why it is extremely important to speak to them of beauty until the beauty industry to do so. As I’ve mentioned before, the media sell us this image of perfect bodies retouched with Photoshop, creating in us feelings negative as inferiority or dissatisfaction with ourselves.

Although we cannot protect forever our children from influences and external stimuli, it We can teach them from small they are fine as is and as. As if such a model or celebrity looks perfect because you get paid for doing so, and that each who should love and accept your body, with imperfections or without them. And remember that that’s makes setting the example.

As the organizers of the campaign say: “children deserve to be challenged and inspired by their games and toys, not spend your free time worried about how you look”.