Kitchenettes for Girls, Kitchenettes for Children

Recently have been somewhat surprised and pleased at the a little kitchen gift for the son of some friends. I loved to see how expanding the “battery” of the playmates of my daughters toys with this ideal complement for any boy or girl.

Because I imagine that sooner or later those children, like my daughters, they will have to prepare your food or your family, and will see it as something normal, what are perfectly trained, even if they have to resort to a recipe book as we do many, or give them laziness, cooking.

But in many houses have seen that cooking is a thing of women (and in how many continue to see), something that passes from generation to generation if other realities, are not covered if the context not encouraged you to change it. And when I talk about cooking could refer also to clean, care for the children or help them do homework.

Play the kitchenettes in fun both for children and for girls. Despite this, many ads broadcast sexist models and often sell us toys for children and toys for girls, various toys, so probably We see more girls than boys playing with kitchenettes, on television, in magazines…

It is clear that it is not the solution to a problem of sexism that remain in many homes, but it is one step closer to normalization, which hopefully be accompanied with advertising in that sense. Would play the Arzak with the kitchenettes or Ferran Adrià, Carme Ruscalleda? Finally, we want neither to chefs, only people who look normal to put before “the kitchen”.

Play with kids (MOM and dad), collaborating with older people, who understand that good cooks there are men and women in the kitchen (why there so few prestigious chefs?), who sees that there is no toys children and girls, it is best to get naturally accept equality.

There are many ways to do it, but help our children grow up without stereotypes is positive and necessary. Incidentally, take this opportunity to launch a petition to the Lords manufacturers: fewer roses and flowering, kitchenettes please…