Ki-Kids, a City Fun and Educational Online

A very comprehensive website designed for children from 3 years in which you will find varied and fun activities that enhance their learning and promote bilingualism (Castilian-English, Catalan or vasco-ingles) is found in the network. The Ki-Kids World offers useful tools with which children will benefit from various activities and games, among them is an area that kids love, she presents the world of professions, emphasizing the human qualities that characterize each profession.The inhabitants of the city of Ki-Kids driving knowledge of values and further very positive attitudes in children. From the different images can know how is reality and thus develop their creativity, gain security in its relations with the environment and know new technologies in the hands of their parents.

Ki-Kids has different collections of music CDs, DVDs, books, dolls toys, etc., which are available in toy stores, bookstores and online, all of them designed to encourage children’s interest in combining fun and learning.

In parent zone you will find useful information and know who is behind this fun city in the city Ki-Kids our children will find as well as games, screensavers for download, birthday gift, cakes etc..