Ken-Cut Barbie

I leave this video with an ingenious campaign of Greenpeace who has taken as main character Ken, boyfriend of the most famous of the dolls, which live, decides to leave it. Ken-cut Barbie.

“Barbie, cut.” Do not I go out with girls that DeForest”. It is the motto of the campaign which Greenpeace linked to the toy manufacturer Mattel with the destruction of the tropical rainforests of Indonesia.

The complaint is presented in celebration of the international year of forests with a campaign that started this week in more than 40 countries. Greenpeace says that the cellulose fibres from boxes of large toy companies that have analyzed show that they are made with a blend of tropical timber from the rainforests of Indonesia.

However the company says they will continue although they will continue to improve its packaging the accusation is not certain that their packaging contain more than 95% recycled paper coming from all over the world and that less than 2% comes from legal and sustainable plantations of Indonesia.

Deforestation in Indonesia is certainly a very serious problem that is endangering the biodiversity of the area and produces huge emissions of greenhouse gases, but it is unclear, at least to me, determine what’s true in what some claim.

However, the campaign seems very clever, playing with propaganda really creatively and reaching consumers in this way we can raise awareness about the form of production and the environmental costs of toys in the message,.

And it is to know and assess the ecological footprint of the toys we buy form part of responsible consumption habits. What do you think you Greenpeace’s campaign in which Ken short with Barbie?